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    Permaculture, said Bill Mollison, the inventor of this food/farming/environmental concept, is being able to look out your backdoor and see your friends gathering food.

    A permaculturist’s skills may include straw bale house building or edible forest gardening. They may have set-up a rainwater collection system on their roof, or turned their livestock fences into a food source. All this is part of a design concept that takes its cues from the workings of a healthy eco-system.

    The good news is you’re probably already practicing some of permaculture’s principles.

    Join host Jerry Kay, publisher of the Environmental News Network as we talk to three prominent practitioners and learn to think like a permaculturist.

    This Week's Guests:

    Penny Livingston Stark — Founder, Regenerative Design Institute

    Penny is internationally recognized as a permaculture teacher, designer and speaker. She is the founder of the Permaculture Institute of Northern California, Regenerative Design Institute and Sustainable Living Designs. Penny has been working professionally in the land management and development field for 25 years and has extensive experience in all phases of ecologically sound landscape design and construction as well as the use of natural non-toxic building materials. She specializes in site planning and design of resource-rich landscapes, integrating rainwater collection, edible landscaping, pond and water systems, habitat development and watershed restoration for homes, co-housing communities, businesses and diverse-yield perennial farms.

    Dave Jacke — Author, Edible Forest Gardens

    Dave has been a student of ecology and design since the 1970s, and has run his own ecological design firm—Dynamics Ecological Design—since 1984. His two-volume book constitutes an in-depth course in ecological garden design. Dave has consulted on, designed, built, and planted landscapes, homes, farms, and communities in the many parts of the United States, as well as overseas, but mainly in the Northeast. A co-founder of Land Trust at Gap Mountain in Jaffrey, N.H., he homesteaded there for a number of years. Dave holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Simon's Rock College and a M.A. in Landscape Design from the Conway School of Landscape Design.

    Patty Karlin — Owner, Bodega Goat Cheese

    Patty has been the owner and producer of Bodega Goat Cheese since 1984. During that time she has developed Bodega Goat Ranch as a model of sustainable agriculture for other dairy operations in Northern California, other states, and a few in South America. This model includes permaculture, a sustainable water system, alternative fuel use, solar energy use, crop rotation, and an increase in cropping for the animals in an effort to become organic. Other practices include medicinal herbs, worm boxes and ozonation of water. In her capacity as CEO of a company working to develop and manufacture the innovative female panty condom for the AIDS crisis, the interface with sustainable farming is integral, as Silk Parasol is a socially responsible business that will incorporate the permaculture and farming model into the development of international pilot projects.

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