How Journalists Report Environmental Issues (December 14, 2005)
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How Journalists Report Environmental Issues

"The public doesn’t care about global warming," says Andrew Revkin, author and New York Times reporter.

Revkin points out that poll after poll has proved that global warming is a back burner issue for the public. "And that is why it’s been a backburner issue in the policy arena," he says.

According to Nina Utne, between 1993 and 2003, not a single peer reviewed article published in a scientific journal cast doubt on global warming. However, over a similar 10 year period, more than 53 percent of mainstream news articles covering the topic did.

So, where’s the disconnect between scientific fact, media coverage and readership interest.

Join host Jerry Kay, as we ask environmental journalists and publishers, including Revkin and Utne, to evaluate the media’s approach to environmental news.

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